Archie’s face here portrays my exact feelings … seven years old? How?

Seven years ago today, this young, handsome chap made me a Mami. It feels like he’s been by my side forever, yet seven years have passed in the blink of an eye! He’s gentle, kind, thoughtful … the list goes on. He’s a little treasure, and I thank my lucky stars everyday for my wonderful boy.

Birthday eves are always a time where I lie in bed and reflect. I try not to reflect on how quickly these birthdays come round, but instead focus on all the memories we’ve made since the last birthday. I know his year of being six has been a fun one … so let’s see what his year of being seven will bring.

And just like last year … his balloon accidentally went up, up and away! Note for next year: double tie the ribbon, and double tie again!  

So instead we found a dandelion … I hope all his wishes come true. 

I love you my precious boy.

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