I’ve been asked a lot recently how I edit my photos, but the truth is, apart from adjusting the brightness on Instagram, I don’t. I’m always struggling for time to upload my SOOC photos, so perfecting my editing skills is not feasible at the minute. The more I use my DSLR camera the better I am getting at shooting in manual, but I still get it wrong. Shooting in manual is complicated and I’m still learning and perfecting my technique. If you’re a professional photographer then just shimmy on past, the next paragraph really isn’t for your eyes; but, if you’re a photography beginner then I hope some of the information might help. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO terminology were all alien to me three years ago, but through constant use of my camera, my understanding has undoubtedly improved.

The photos below could, or even should have been edited to have a more uniform lighting; some of them are darker than I would like. Natural light is so unpredictable and I’m still working on getting the exposure right. Most of my photos are taken at F stop 2.8. This is my safe option to get the target in focus, but still capture a great depth of field. When shooting outdoors in daylight, my ISO is mainly set between 100-300. Once these settings are set, I then adjust the shutter speed depending on the light available. I generally try not to shoot below 1/100 with moving children, so I would then increase the ISO setting if the light isn’t bright enough.

The first two photos I took below were slightly dark, so I reduced the shutter speed from 320 to 200 to continue shooting:

 [ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/320]  [ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/200] Reducing the shutter speed again made the next two photos slight over exposed [ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/160] The next photos below were shot at [ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/250], but when the natural light varied (thank you clouds) the exposure also varied and made some of the shots a bit dark. As I’m in most of the photos I wasn’t able to check the exposure and change the shutter speed for each take.   [ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/400]  [ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/250]

I hope that’s given you some insight to the manual settings. If you’re new to this photography lark and found it useful do let me know 🙂

For purposes of memorabilia, I’ve included some photos below from previous years … to show that my photography is improving and also show how much my little people are growing up.


2016: Archie was 4 and Millie was 2 (the same age as Ebonie this year): 

2015: Archie was 3 and Millie was 1:

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