A few weeks before Ebonie’s 2nd birthday I stumbled across some mermaid party accessories in TKMaxx and her upcoming party theme was set. We’d planned to skip a party for Millie this year as we had a holiday booked over her 4th birthday, but she found the hidden party accessories and was so happy and thankful to me for buying them for ‘her’ party … how could I burst her very excited little bubble? So, as their birthdays are a month apart, we decided to have a small joint party for them both, the weekend in between their birthdays … which ended up being two days before we were going on our holiday! As a self confessed last minute organiser … I knew I’d have so much to do the week before our holiday, so throwing a mermaid party into the mix was destined to be a … success! I always work better under pressure anyway …

I knew making the cake would just be too much with everything else going on, so instead I browsed Pinterest for cake inspiration and delegated this very important job to Di’s Delicious Cakes, who made such a fantastic job of the cake and matching cupcakes.

I always try to decorate the shelves in our kitchen to match a party theme … but this was all arranged very last minute this time!

Moving onto the mermaid birthday girls. I had some mermaid themed outfits ready for meeting Ariel on holiday, so the girls were all set to wear these for their party, until I found a mermaid costume in TKMaxx the week before the party and it was Millie’s size! Millie’s mermaid crown is from one of our favourites Aurora Fawn, while Ebonie’s crown is from the queen of birthday crowns Sprinkle Of Bows. Ebonie’s leotard is from another favourite Instagram shop, Mini Megan Turner, and her tutu I found on eBay. Her messy hair and pouts are model’s own 😉

[Just casually straightening up her crown … and eating a cupcake before the guests had arrived!]

The table was set with the party accessories I picked up in TKMaxx (my favourite shop incase you didn’t already know).  Excited for the party to start, Millie had eagerly sat some of her teddies at the table.

Always a highlight of their parties … time to blow out the birthday candles. Even at two, this is so exciting, and Ebonie certainly took this role very seriously, making sure everyone was looking before she took her big, determined puff!

A party wouldn’t be party without some classic party games. We played pass the parcel, musical statues, pin the seahorse and walloped a mermaid pinata … all in the name of fun and sugar highs!

 [Have you ever seen a mermaid attempt the splits before? Nope, nor have I!]

Our girls thoroughly enjoyed their special day, as did Mummy. I’m so glad we changed our mind and made it a joint party, as at 4 years old, a birthday party is a very important occasion. Millie has talked endlessly about it and if you can’t make a fuss of them for their birthday, when can you?

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