Ever since we went to my nephew’s treasure hunt party back in June, Archie had his heart set on just that for his birthday. His Taid & Naini were more than happy to take on the task of ‘treasure hunt party organisers’, but I was in two minds as to whether five and six year olds would be old enough to take on the obstacles, follow the clues and find the hidden treasures set up by my parents. Archie was not going to be swayed, so a treasure hunt is what he got, and he literally had THE BEST DAY EVER!

Fifteen little treasure hunters accompanied us for a few hours of fun. After opting for an easy ‘Happy Meal’ lunch, we returned to my parents’ to let the hunting commence. We had five groups of three, and they were all set on task in fifteen minute intervals, and the quickest team home would be the winners. As well as finding little ‘treasures’ along the trail, each team had to return home with an assembled Mr Potato Head, and they had to follow ribbons and clues to find all of the hidden pieces.

Archie’s team set off at speed, determined to come back in record time. Of course, Mamerazzi was out in full force, and as I followed his team around the course, I could see how much he was really loving his day. His team did arrive home in the fastest time, but were equalled by another team, who went on to win the deciding penalty shoot out. He was later crowned ‘Treasure Hunt Expert’, and received a ‘REAL’ trophy, making his best day ever even better!

Seeing as we have a nature loving boy in Archie, the party theme was ‘bugs’. We had insect inspired cup cakes, worm jelly, snake sweets and the most amazing birthday cake made by Archie’s Aunt Bessy. The ‘treasure’ found along the trail was also all insect related.

Two adults accompanied each team, merely there to supervise and ensure all children arrived home safely. It seems that maybe they also needed their own supervisors, as not one, but two of them fell in the river. It made the day a bit more memorable for them, and us 😉

All fifteen little treasure hunters embraced the party, and went home possibly exhausted, but happy.

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