So this week brings the return of routines, school runs, and an added pre-school drop off.¬†Millie has started preschool two mornings a week, and she really loved her first session. Before leaving, she decided she needed to pack her “shchool” bag and was adamant the contents were required! Who was I to argue?

All I’m hearing is, “Three is big Mummy, I’m a big girl” … yes sweetheart, you are so very big now. At least it’s only two mornings a week to begin with, to ease me in gently ūüėČ

Archie went back to school and up to year 1. He has a new teacher, and wasn’t too happy that his group had to “work” all day on his first day back. By today, Mrs W is flavour of the month and he tells me he was allowed to play on the computer.¬†So, all in all he seems to be having a good first week back.

I¬†decided to start a new little tradition of asking them a simple questionnaire at the beginning of each year … I’m hoping the answers will be fun to look back on in years to come.

What would you like to be when you’re a grown up?
Archie: A postman (see instagram for explanation)
Millie: A Mum (how sweet)
Ebonie: [waffle]
What’s your favourite colour?
Archie: White
Millie: Pink
Ebonie: Dub Dwb Da
What’s your favourite animal?
Archie: Butterfly
Millie: Tiger
Ebonie: [You pay most attention to ‘bow wows’ and ponies]
What’s your favourite thing to eat?
Archie: Sausage
Millie: Crackers
Ebonie: [everything!]
What’s your favourite film?
Archie: Batman
Millie: Boss Baby
Ebonie: [101 Dalmatians]
Who’s your favourite character?
Archie: Batman
Millie: Rapunzel
Ebonie: [Peppa Pig]
What’s your very favourite toy?
Archie: His bike outdoors and toy red car indoors
Millie: Rusty – her super-dog soft toy
Ebonie: [Dolls pram]


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