I knew this summer was set to be full of fun and adventures, and it didn’t disappoint. I take far too many photos on a daily basis, so I picked out most of my favourites and decided to document them here, because let’s be honest, they’ll only be drowned in my mammoth “photos to be sorted” file otherwise. So here’s our summer 2017 in pictures.

First stop, a night away in sunny Bristol for Father’s Day: 

We spent a weekend in Butlins celebrating my sister’s 30th birthday. 

Summer sunshine came to an abrupt holt as soon as Archie broke up from school for the holidays. We didn’t make it to the beach half as much as I’d have liked to go this year; the sandy bags, toes and bums really aren’t worth it unless the sun is shining. On one occasion we made it to the sea shore, we dipped our toes in the cold water and also went crabbing for the very first time. This was right up Archie’s street. Both him and Millie held a crab, even though they pinch! 

Where you would have found little Miss Ebonie this summer; in her highchair, or causing mischief!

We had a lovely night away at Carey’s Manor in the New Forest. The hotel is set in lovely grounds, and there’s no denying the beauty of the New Forest. The reason for the road trip was to go to Peppa Pig World, but on the day it poured and it poured and it poured… so after Millie & Ebonie got to see the real Peppa Pig, we ended up heading home much earlier than planned.  

Craving some sunshine and poolside fun, we headed for a last minute trip to Marbella. These four days away were by far my most favourite of the summer; relaxing by the pool and just enjoying the company of my sweet little family. 

[Onslow Steam Rally, August Bank Holiday]

Releasing Archie’s home grown butterflies … probably a highlight of his summer! 

Archie’s birthday always brings summer to a sweet end. 

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