Bluebells …

It’s becoming somewhat of an annual photo opportunity to step into a sea of bluebells and attempt some staged photographs of our growing family. It’s lovely to look back at the pictures and see how much they’ve grown each time, even if it does make me a tad emotional.

2015: Millie was very similar age to Ebonie here. I remember her being so calm to photograph, where as today Ebonie seemed so much cheekier and she really plays up to the camera (maybe it’s because she’s never known life without a camera lens in her face!)  

2016: Forever the attentive big brother. Some things never change. Millie seems to have grown so much since last year.  


Archie’s always eager to step behind the camera, and I’m always secretly pleased to find maybe one or two out of every hundred taken that I am happy to share. These capture Ebonie’s cheeky character perfectly, playing her favourite game:

Thanks for looking, Rhi xx

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