Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes for our sweet three year old. Millie had a magical day and we had such a great weekend throwing her party. I can’t believe my baby is three years old!     

She’s engrossed in make-believe, princesses and magic, and the fact that she made a wish for a Unicorn was pure coincidence as a Unicorn inspired party had been planned in my head for months. That said, apart from her flower crown, nothing was ordered and no one was invited until the Monday before her party [queue panic stations]. I’m always last minute organising a party at the best of times, but I was lacking enthusiasm to organise another so soon after Ebonie’s. Millie was adamant that she wanted a party, and precisely asked for a Unicorn cake so that she could blow out “fwree” candles. Knowing how much it meant to her gave me some motivation, and her excitement in the run up to her special day was really lovely.

The weather was perfect for our little ray of sunshine. Up went the bouncy castle and the little guests were all entertained, outdoors! I’d decorated our shelves in a Unicorn theme, with a Meri-Meri Unicorn Garland and a Unicorn print from Wonderdust Designs. We had the usual party food; sarnies, crips, biscuits and jelly. I’d made some themed cup cakes using Meri-Meri Unicorn Toppers. I managed to buy some last minute personalised party bag fillers from PaperPixi, and I made the party bags myself the morning of the party!

Onto the birthday cake, and the hardest task of the party for me! This style cake has popped up on my Instagram feed numerous times and although I knew exactly how I wanted the cake to look, I really wasn’t confident I could pull it off. I was super duper happy with the finished result. Millie had made the inside sponge cake with me on the Saturday, and she kept insisting that it needed to be white and not the sponge colour she could see. I reassured her that I’d get to work on it as soon as she was in bed, and sure enough the next morning her first words when she came downstairs were, “where’s my cake?” She loved it! As soon as her little friends started to arrive she kept leading them to see her “wokin horn” cake! #proudmummymoment

However, the cake was soon to be over-shadowed!

Millie’s Unicorn top was made very last minute by Rocket & Rose, her tutu was from Next, her cloud socks from Miley & Moss and her spectacular Unicorn flower crown was from Aurora Fawn.

Then came the main star of the show, the Unicorn! I pulled in a huge favour from my pony obsessed little sister and she delivered the best surprise ever! While the party guests were entertained on the bouncy castle, we took Millie to meet her Unicorn. Her little face lit up. She couldn’t contain her excitement. When she asked him if he’d flown here he even nodded in response … that was magic! As she rode him to greet all of the party guests she said, “Here’s the wokin horn. It’s a wokin horn. Here he is. Do you like him?” As her friends gathered round, she sat on her Unicorn proud as punch, feeling on top of the world! That moment will stay with her for a long time. My sister gave each of her friends a turn to ride and some spent the whole of the party taking it in turns to have a go. It was definitely worth all of the effort.

Her party was so much fun, she was smiling from ear to ear the entire day & loved it all!

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