It’s been a year! How in the world did that happen?

In so many ways it feels like she’s been with us since the beginning, yet the newborn baby bubble I was in a whole year ago feels like yesterday!

How old are you Ebonie? 

A note for my daughter: My darling Ebonie, you are loved beyond measure. You’re not yet walking, but have mastered your bum shuffle and just this week you pulled yourself up to stand for the first time. You’re favourite place to be is in your highchair! You love food and you conquered baby led weaning like a pro. We still enjoy you sharing our room, although your days are numbered and you’re soon to be shipped out into your own room (not that you’ll notice as similarly to your big sister, you’ve always been the most independent sleeper). Your personality is really starting to shine through; you’re stubborn, head strong and fiercely independent, yet you’re the happiest, loveliest and most chilled baby girl there is. It brings a tear to my eye knowing how fast this next year will fly, but I’m so excited to watch you take your first steps, learn new words and turn into a toddler.

So, back to  the party. We had a low key do on Sunday, with close friends and family joining us at home to help us celebrate our beautiful, scrummy daughter turning the big ONE.

The outfit! Although not a strong theme, Beatrix Potter was featured throughout the party, mainly because I fell in love with this little romper from Her Wardrobe. I wanted to incorporate a babyish style for my baby‘s birthday, and what better way to do that than feature Jemima Puddle Duck and Peter Rabbit? The perfect birthday hat was from the one and only Sprinkle Of Bows.

The cake! One of my fondest childhood memories is of my birthday cakes and feeling so special as everyone gathered round to sing happy birthday to ME! Watching my little ones’ eyes light up as everyone sings to them is always the highlight of the birthday party for me, and even at one year’s old, Ebonie felt that feeling as all the kiddies gathered round her to sing (of course the fountain candle may also be the reason her eyes lit up with excitement). So, the cake is always an important part of our parties. I was on the verge of ordering the cake from a local cake queen, but in the end decided I’d keep to my first birthday tradition and make the cake myself. I kept it quite simple, not too ambitious, and I was really pleased with the result. The cake topper banner was from Pippa’s Party Props who made it last minute for me.

Her sweet little face looking round at her sister … priceless!

The food! We made up little lunch boxes for each child, filled with little sandwiches, a bag of party rings, a box of raisins, a biscuit and a party popper! These were accompanied by fairy cakes, chocolate rice krispie cakes, chocolate fingers and a party necessity, jelly!

The party bags! I ordered the cutest personalised party bags from Paper Pixies on Facebook. We had both girl and boy versions and they were each filled with bubbles, playing cards, a badge, crayons, a postcard and a chocolate coin.

The older kiddies all loved the usual party games; pass the parcel, musical bumps, corners & musical statues, while Ebbie boogied along to some of her favourite chart hits!

The chalk board! Would you believe it that I completely forgot to make this until the morning of the party? I really wanted her to have a chalk board of all her first year milestones and although it’s not perfect and has some wonky text, it does the job.

Happy first birthday Ebonie Elen, we love you so very dearly.