Looking for some pretty, traditional children’s clothes for the summer? Then look no further than the new SS19 range by JoJo Maman Bebe. It has all the prettiness teamed with practicality, and something to suit every occasion. The girls were kindly gifted some outfits for our recent trip to the Bahamas, and I opted for some of their pretty dresses which are perfect for occasion wear such as weddings, family parties or holidays. The party dresses have inverted box pleats and sewn in petticoat creating a fuller skirt – ultimately a style made for twirling!

“We won’t get wet” … said no child ever! What started as a stroll along the beach inevitably ended as wave jumping! The picture perfect, turquoise sea made for a beautiful backdrop to capture some sweet moments on the beach.

Luckily the weather was lovely and the light fabric of the dresses meant that the girls had dried out by the time we arrived back at the hotel.

Always plotting these two …   Millie wears Girls’ White Garden Border Party Dress in age 3/4y, while Ebonie wears Girls’ Duck Smocked Dress in age 18/24m. Archie also wears JoJo Maman Bebe Classic Kids’ Poloshirt teamed with Boys’ Ticking Stripe Shorts both in age 5/6y (previously gifted). As I’ve mentioned before, in my experience JoJo Maman Bebe clothing is generous in size.

All dressed up in their beautiful dresses ready to go out for dinner at the Marina on Paradise Island, below Millie wears Girls’ Pink Country Scene Party Dress in age 3/4y, and Ebs wears the same style dress in a different print, Girls’ Swan Party Dress in age 18/24m. The colours of the different prints work well together; perfect for sisters to coordinate without matching.

Still plotting … Ebs learning some posing tips from the best …

Thanks for looking, Rhi xx


Archie’s face here portrays my exact feelings … seven years old? How?

Seven years ago today, this young, handsome chap made me a Mami. It feels like he’s been by my side forever, yet seven years have passed in the blink of an eye! He’s gentle, kind, thoughtful … the list goes on. He’s a little treasure, and I thank my lucky stars everyday for my wonderful boy.

Birthday eves are always a time where I lie in bed and reflect. I try not to reflect on how quickly these birthdays come round, but instead focus on all the memories we’ve made since the last birthday. I know his year of being six has been a fun one … so let’s see what his year of being seven will bring.

And just like last year … his balloon accidentally went up, up and away! Note for next year: double tie the ribbon, and double tie again!  

So instead we found a dandelion … I hope all his wishes come true. 

I love you my precious boy.


We returned to Shropshire Petals for the second year running … I just can’t resist the opportunity to photograph my precious ones in amongst the prettiness. At this stage, Archie is far more interested in being behind the camera than in front of it, and the pretty flowers really aren’t his scene, hence the lack of his presence below. Millie happily struts a pose on demand, while Ebonie needs to be tricked, for if she realises I’m wanting her to pose she’ll often refuse point blank (unless she’s decided she’s in the mood to offer a cheesy grin). Luckily, Millie found a ladybird which occupied her for a little while, and some sugary bribery gave me a 10 second distraction.

Keep scrolling for flower field heaven …

Thanks for looking, Rhi xx


For our recent trip to Santorini we were kindly gifted some beautiful outfits by JoJo Maman Bebe, and the traditional style of the brand, along with the soft, pastel tones blended in with the idyllic, white scenes of the island. If you’ve followed along for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of the brand. I love how age appropriate their clothing is, and the quality is always superb.

Ebonie wears the Garden Smocked Baby Dress, which comes with matching knickers; ideal to cover her nappy when it’s too hot for a vest. It features smocking across the chest, peter pan collar and the cutest garden theme embroidery around the bottom. Ebonie is 2, but wears size 12-18m as in my experience JoJo Maman Bebe sizing is generous. Millie wears the Yellow Gingham Smocked Dress which features smocking at the chest, flower embroidery on the skirt and cute puff sleeves. Millie is a petite 4 year old, and wears age 2-3 here. The dresses are both 100% cotton, and perfect to wear in the hot weather to keep cool but covered up. I opted for a classic white polo shirt for Archie; simple and smart (when it’s still clean that is!).

[Clothing featured is gifted by JoJo Maman Bebe, but all opinions are my own.]


I’ve been asked a lot recently how I edit my photos, but the truth is, apart from adjusting the brightness on Instagram, I don’t. I’m always struggling for time to upload my SOOC photos, so perfecting my editing skills is not feasible at the minute. The more I use my DSLR camera the better I am getting at shooting in manual, but I still get it wrong. Shooting in manual is complicated and I’m still learning and perfecting my technique. If you’re a professional photographer then just shimmy on past, the next paragraph really isn’t for your eyes; but, if you’re a photography beginner then I hope some of the information might help. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO terminology were all alien to me three years ago, but through constant use of my camera, my understanding has undoubtedly improved.

The photos below could, or even should have been edited to have a more uniform lighting; some of them are darker than I would like. Natural light is so unpredictable and I’m still working on getting the exposure right. Most of my photos are taken at F stop 2.8. This is my safe option to get the target in focus, but still capture a great depth of field. When shooting outdoors in daylight, my ISO is mainly set between 100-300. Once these settings are set, I then adjust the shutter speed depending on the light available. I generally try not to shoot below 1/100 with moving children, so I would then increase the ISO setting if the light isn’t bright enough.

The first two photos I took below were slightly dark, so I reduced the shutter speed from 320 to 200 to continue shooting:

 [ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/320]  [ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/200] Reducing the shutter speed again made the next two photos slight over exposed [ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/160] The next photos below were shot at [ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/250], but when the natural light varied (thank you clouds) the exposure also varied and made some of the shots a bit dark. As I’m in most of the photos I wasn’t able to check the exposure and change the shutter speed for each take.   [ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/400]  [ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/250]

I hope that’s given you some insight to the manual settings. If you’re new to this photography lark and found it useful do let me know 🙂

For purposes of memorabilia, I’ve included some photos below from previous years … to show that my photography is improving and also show how much my little people are growing up.


2016: Archie was 4 and Millie was 2 (the same age as Ebonie this year): 

2015: Archie was 3 and Millie was 1:


A few weeks before Ebonie’s 2nd birthday I stumbled across some mermaid party accessories in TKMaxx and her upcoming party theme was set. We’d planned to skip a party for Millie this year as we had a holiday booked over her 4th birthday, but she found the hidden party accessories and was so happy and thankful to me for buying them for ‘her’ party … how could I burst her very excited little bubble? So, as their birthdays are a month apart, we decided to have a small joint party for them both, the weekend in between their birthdays … which ended up being two days before we were going on our holiday! As a self confessed last minute organiser … I knew I’d have so much to do the week before our holiday, so throwing a mermaid party into the mix was destined to be a … success! I always work better under pressure anyway …

I knew making the cake would just be too much with everything else going on, so instead I browsed Pinterest for cake inspiration and delegated this very important job to Di’s Delicious Cakes, who made such a fantastic job of the cake and matching cupcakes.

I always try to decorate the shelves in our kitchen to match a party theme … but this was all arranged very last minute this time!

Moving onto the mermaid birthday girls. I had some mermaid themed outfits ready for meeting Ariel on holiday, so the girls were all set to wear these for their party, until I found a mermaid costume in TKMaxx the week before the party and it was Millie’s size! Millie’s mermaid crown is from one of our favourites Aurora Fawn, while Ebonie’s crown is from the queen of birthday crowns Sprinkle Of Bows. Ebonie’s leotard is from another favourite Instagram shop, Mini Megan Turner, and her tutu I found on eBay. Her messy hair and pouts are model’s own 😉

[Just casually straightening up her crown … and eating a cupcake before the guests had arrived!]

The table was set with the party accessories I picked up in TKMaxx (my favourite shop incase you didn’t already know).  Excited for the party to start, Millie had eagerly sat some of her teddies at the table.

Always a highlight of their parties … time to blow out the birthday candles. Even at two, this is so exciting, and Ebonie certainly took this role very seriously, making sure everyone was looking before she took her big, determined puff!

A party wouldn’t be party without some classic party games. We played pass the parcel, musical statues, pin the seahorse and walloped a mermaid pinata … all in the name of fun and sugar highs!

 [Have you ever seen a mermaid attempt the splits before? Nope, nor have I!]

Our girls thoroughly enjoyed their special day, as did Mummy. I’m so glad we changed our mind and made it a joint party, as at 4 years old, a birthday party is a very important occasion. Millie has talked endlessly about it and if you can’t make a fuss of them for their birthday, when can you?


Only two months late, I’m finally getting round to sharing some photos I snapped of our little firecracker back on her second birthday. Born in March, I doubt there’ll be many a birthday spent in the snow. Although it was freezing, a photoshoot in the beautiful white stuff was definitely not to be missed.

There was a little girl, 
Who had a little curl, 
Right in the middle of her forehead. 
When she was good, 
She was very, very good, 
But when she was bad, she was horrid.

Ebonie, apart from the little curl is behind your ear, this nursery rhyme sums you up perfectly.  For the majority, you’re the happiest, most easy going little person; but the minority is not always pretty! You’re fiery, determined, stubborn and wild; characteristics that will hopefully serve you well later in life. You know what you want, and you don’t like to take no for an answer.

You love princesses and paw patrol equally. You’re not afraid to get dirty, and when you fall you get right back up again and keep marching. I love the way you run to the door when you hear your Daddy is home. You love your ‘B’ and ‘dodo’, and you adore your siblings. I still feel like the most important person in the world to you, and I remind myself to soak it all up, because I know you’re independence will come round all too soon.

Trying not to tame you’re strong-willed personality, I want to shape you into the best person you can possibly be.  You are going to take this world by storm; I already know you are going to fly high.

You love life, and you fill our days with so much fun and I wouldn’t change you for the world. I thought this quote described Millie as a toddler, until you came along and showed us the true meaning:

“And though she be but little she is fierce.”


It’s no secret that I absolutely love dressing my children, so when the chance came up to collaborate with JoJo Maman Bebe I was over the moon. I’ve been a big fan of the brand for over 6 years; since Archie was a baby. Their clothes are always fun and pretty, and most important to me, age appropriate.

I love dressing the girls in matching outfits #twinningiswinning, but when they’re not matchy matchy I always try to dress the three of them in similar styles/colours. The new Spring/Summer range at JoJo Maman Bebe is full of beautiful, traditional pieces. After much deliberation I was able to pick out some favourite pieces for my three that were colour coordinated, pretty and smart … perfect for our recent trip to Orlando.

The girls received so many compliments wearing their smocked dresses. They’re soft, light and so comfy to wear. Ebonie’s dress can be found here. It’s a blue stripe fabric with smocking across the chest and embroidered bees and daisy details. Ebonie has just turned two, and wears size 12-18m at the moment in JoJo Maman Bebe – I always find their sizing to be generous.

Millie’s dress is my absolute favourite; it’s flowery, colourful and summery, and can be found here. It’s a style that can be dressed up or down, and the blossom print is so pretty and fresh.

Archie’s grown up shirt can be found here. The shirt has a mini gingham print, and can be worn casually with the roll up sleeves. I love him dressed in a light, fresh blue for spring/summer.

My two girls might never know how lucky they are to have a big brother like Archie, but I’ll do my best to capture their tender moments so that we can look back and remember just how precious their bond is.

These photos were taken at the stunning Four Seasons Hotel, Orlando. Thank you so much to JoJo Maman Bebe for this opportunity. My three little people looked so lovely dressed in these summery outfits on our holiday and I’m certain we’ll get so much wear out of them over the coming months now we’re home.

[This post is written in collaboration with JoJo Maman Bebe, a brand I have always bought for my children.]


My not so little baby is growing before my eyes. Although I’m very much in denial about this, her nursery was in need of an uplift. She’s just turned two, so my main objective was to edge away from “nursery”, yet not make the room look too old either. In collaboration with Laura Ashley I have been able to create a fresh, girlie bedroom of dreams.

The Hastings Ivory Day Bed really is the feature of the room. It’s pretty, girlie, and most of all versatile. I can already envisage girlie sleepovers in the future that will make use of the trundle bed. I’ve always been a big fan of Laura Ashley bedding, and the Hearts Bed in a Bag bedding is super cosy and soft. The coordinating throw and heart cushion add the finishing touch, along with the Bexley Pink Stripe Wool Rug, adding contrast to the otherwise plain, cream carpet.

The soft, simple pink and white tones allow for lots of accessorising without looking too busy. The room has sloping ceilings, which leaves only the one wall suitable for hanging shelves, frames and decorative features. Adding shelves surrounding the round window, allows me to easily accessorise and make the room look “finished”.

[The frames here are from Ikea, crochet pears and teddy from Bee Kraft Tee, bows from my favoutite shop Sprinkle of Bows, Unicorn bow holder is from – now all I need to do is get Ebonie to leave her bows in!]

[Wool wall hanging is from Wool Wood Love, Butterfly frame from Laura Ashley, Winnie the Pooh print and Flamingo print from Freddie The Kid, Flamingo soft toy from Laura Ashley, Flamingo hanger from Ciao Bambino & finally, dress is from Stripes Spots and Polka Dots Boutique]

A room would not be complete without some framed prints. I always try to find prints that are relevant to the room, and when Millie was younger I ordered the ‘Though she be but little, she is fierce’ print from Vivi And The Bears for her nursery. Little did I know how placid and calm my little Millie Moo actually was. Ebonie has most definitely lived up to this quote; she is fiercely determined, fiercely strong willed, fiercely independent … you get the gist.

I styled the ‘Be a Flamingo in a flock of Pigeons’ print from the lovely Freddie The Kid, along side the Laura Ashley Flamingo soft toy.

The beautiful wool wall hanging is from Wool Wood Love and has been made to coordinate with the hearts range and it looks so pretty hung above the shelf and frames.

[Canopy is from eBay, Faux Fur rug is from Laura Ashley, Watermelon cushion is from Laura Ashley, Mini Moses Basket is from Tilly & Cub, Battery Rose string lights from the Range]

It’s all in the detail! Little girls’ rooms are so easy to accessorise, and I revel in the details. I added a canopy in the one corner, and the girls love to cosy up on the soft, delicate Mila Pink Faux Fur Rug, and get comfy amongst the cushions to tell stories to their teddies.

I’ve really loved refreshing Ebonie’s nursery into her now “grown up” toddler bedroom. It’s very much a girlie girl bedroom of dreams and a space that will grow with her over the next few years.


I’m really excited to show you a little project I’ve been working on in collaboration with Laura Ashley. We really love Christmas in our household and we always like to me an effort with decorating our home for the festive season. So when Laura Ashley got in touch asking me to get involved with their Christmas campaign, I jumped at the chance and knew exactly what part of our home needed that extra attention this year.

Decorating the table for Christmas dinner is as important as decorating your house, but I for one have always left decorating the dining table until the very last minute, with very little thought. Typically, in years past, the table has been quickly set on Christmas Eve, and consisted of our best china and some crackers thrown in for good measure.

Now, all things considered, gathering together at the dining table to share our Christmas Dinner is one of the most important parts of our Christmas, so why did decorating the dining table seem so unimportant? Well it’s unimportant no longer! To go from one extreme to the other, this year our Christmas table is already set, and I’m looking forward to share our family meal times drowned in festivities. 

My aim with our tablescape has been to create a calming ambiance, to help everyone relax and unwind following the excitement and craziness that comes with three little ones on Christmas morning. The candles and lighting are the key to achieve this. 

I’m always drawn to timeless, traditional colour schemes, especially at Christmas time. I love the reds, greens, golds of a traditional Christmas and I was instantly drawn to the Gold Damask range of tableware at Laura Ashley. I used the Gold Geometric Charger as placemats, popped a cracker on top of each place setting, and wrapped the cutlery in coordinating napkins. The gold tones of the accessories and ornaments work well together, and the Gold Damask Jacquard Runner completes the look perfectly.

The dried hydrangeas have been a centre feature on our dining table since beginning of Autumn, and they’ve dried the perfect colours to stay around for Christmas. I added some artificial snow to the vase to complete the look.

A Christmas tablescape must have is candles. The more the merrier! Find some Christmas inspired candles and you’ve cracked it. The large Christmas tree candles particularly stood out for me, along with the matching miniature tree tea lights. I love the Laura Ashley glass candlesticks and I picked up these advent candles in my local Lakeland to make them extra festive. 

I love lanterns all year round, but they really come into their own at Christmas time, and filling them with string lights, baubles, artificial snow and other decorations instantly makes them Christmassy. 

[This post is in collaboration with Laura Ashley, but as you most probably already know, our home is filled with Laura Ashley goodies and my love for the brand is real!]